Boilers make the main source of hot water and central heating for 99% of British homes. Yet, most people think about their boilers only when things start going down. The most common mechanical faults with boilers happen during winter months, after a couple of inactive months. If you want to diagnose the issue yourself, double-check the following list of 5 most common boiler repairs:

1. Re-establishing water flow

Have you noticed your boiler started purring like a cat recently? It may sound like a kettle or whistle and produce banging noises. The main culprit for these unpleasant sounds is the limescale buildup that restricts water flow in your boiler. Once the limescale is gone, your central heating system will start receiving enough hot water again.

2. Valve, thermostat, or airlock repair

Once you experience a lack of hot water and your home starts cooling down, you need a repair of one of the listed parts of your boiler. You can check whether the thermostat is set properly and check the pilot light, but this won’t help a lot. Yet, it would be best to contact My Smart Services in this case, as our engineers know how to replace the faulty parts and take back hot water and warmth into your home.

3. Pressure valve or broken pump seal repair

In most cases, when you notice your boiler is leaking, that is a sign your pressure valve or pump seal is broken. This could be, potentially, dangerous for the household. Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer as soon as possible.

4. Preventing a boiler from turning itself off

If your boiler is constantly switching itself off, you may want to reset it first. However, the boiler remains ignorant, then, my dear, you have a frozen condensate pipe. This pipe usually gets frozen due to its inconvenient position. If applying some warm water and heat doesn’t help, call a plumber.

5. A broken thermocouple repair

When the pilot light goes out, that means a device responsible for the water temperature within the boiler is causing it. Sometimes, it can be residue or buildup on the pilot light that is causing it to go out, but, most often, it’s the thermocouple.

My Smart Services engineers face numerous challenges and solve them on a daily basis, but these 5 issues pop up most often. Make a call and arrange a meeting, we will replace broken parts and restore your boiler’s function.

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