Despite the mostly mild weather here in the UK, the first cold snaps will make you switch the heating on sooner than you think. Falling temperatures can seriously affect your plumbing system, especially because running your heating system increases the chance of a boiler breakdown due to excessive pressure on its components. Is your boiler winter-ready? Don’t wait any longer – put it on a test before temperatures drop, making sure you have the best boiler for 2019 winter.

Condensing boilers

Even though the “condensing” gas boiler types are proven to be highly more efficient than the old-fashioned, bulky ones, condensation seems to be the best and the worst attribute of such boilers. You have a smaller carbon footprint and lower bills on one side, and then, you have poor tolerance to low temperatures.

The efficiency of a condensing boiler comes into question when moisture in waste gas gets condensed. That is why a moisture pipe expels moisture through a drain. But, what if the moisture pipe freezes at one point? Not only it can cut off the hot water supply, but to adversely affect your heating system as well. Nasty, right?

Fortunately, you can thaw the frozen moisture pipe without much pain. Warm it up with a bottle of hot water or heating pads and watch the magic happens. Yet, don’t forget to reset the boiler after unfreezing the pipe. To prevent such situations for the future, simply lag the pipe with insulation and enjoy hot water all winter long.

Regular water pipes are susceptible to cold temperatures as well

We can’t blame on your condensation pipe for everything. Regular water pipes are prone to freezing when exposed to low temperatures. Once a pipe freezes, you are left with without any water supply. Wait, wait!

There is a solution to this dreadful scenario. Identify the frozen pipe, turn off the water supply, and gently melt the ice away with the help of a hair dryer.

Burst pipe? Ugh!

Here we come to one of the dead-end scenarios. If you happen to find a burst pipe, there is no much you can do. Turn the water supply off, flush all the toilets, and call a professional to handle this the right way.

Stay ahead of the weather – Tips on how to make sure your boiler is working properly

Check the pressure

Low pressure may be the one to blame for your heating system running half-power. A leaky pipe is one of the causers for low pressure as well. Inspect the pipes thoroughly and increase the pressure by using the valve on your boiler. However, if you notice any leaky pipes, you would need the help of a professional.

Bleed your radiators

Cold patches on your radiator are a sign some air is trapped in there, which prevents the radiator from distributing the heat evenly. If you find any cold zones, make sure to bleed your radiators.

Be boiler-responsible

Never underestimate the importance of having your boiler serviced each year. Not only you would always be cold because of the poor heat supply, but you may expose yourself to lethal factors. In case you notice your gas appliance is faulty for any reason, make sure to call a Gas Safe engineer right away, but don’t forget to have the appliance checked annually either way.


Take off the dust from your gas appliances – it is about time to get that heating system back on track. We guess you don’t want to repair your boiler in the midst of winter, right? Smart Services has a plan for you – we know how to ensure you have the best boiler for 2019 winter that won’t let you down no matter how low temperatures drop.

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