The increased demand for central heating systems and gas appliances increased the number of DIY boiler installs. Due to frequent leak explosions all around the country, the government had to do something that would prevent explosions, accidents, and even deaths.

Thus, CORGI was created to make sure all of the gas appliances in the UK private, commercial, and business properties were installed and used properly. From 2009, this responsibility was assigned to the list of gas engineers, legally allowed to install, check, and repair gas appliances.

Besides gas safe engineers, no one is authorized to carry out the checks. A gas safe engineer issues a certification that attests all gas appliances in your home, relevant fittings, and flues are working properly. This certification is valid for the next 12 months.

Do you need a Gas Safety Certificate when installing a new boiler?

According to Building Regulations, property owners or tenants installing a new boiler in a rented property need to inform local authorities about the intention. Instead, a gas safe engineer can do this for you, and give you a certificate a couple of days after the appliance is installed safely.

Make sure to keep the certificate well, as otherwise, you would have to pay a small fee in order to get a new one.

Business owners and owners of commercial properties are in need to do the same. This applies not only to new boiler installation but to any installation related to heating appliances.

Also, landlords are supposed to have their gas appliances safety inspected. One of the legal requirements to rent a property is to prove their own Gas Safety Certificate (CP12). Also, it is highly recommendable to have carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms installed in the property, which adds on the safety of tenants.

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